Performance appraisal objects


Objects of performance appraisal

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The question “why appraisal?” is followed by “what to appraise?” because there will not be effective appraisal if the appraiser does not know what to appraise in an employee or a group of employees.

Four objects of human resources appraisal are distinguished, equivalent to various activities as followed:

1. Appraisal of employee work efficiency

Appraisal of employee work efficiency, i.e. his or her working results, means analyzing of production of his/her activities in compared to set target or results of other employees carrying out the same activities in the same scenario to specify his/her efficiency level.

2. Appraisal of employee professional qualification.

Professional qualification denotes required professional capacity of presenting best performance in the long run. Performance appraisal is impossible to be carried out if there is not a defined standard capacity frame for a call or related job. Hence, performance appraisal refers to: first, a recording knowledge, skills and behaviors of an individual based on the standard capacity frame; next, evaluating the professional mastery to define:

+ An individual’s skills;
+ Required skills an individual lacks;
+ Skills an individual possesses, but does not master as required by the call or job.

Performance appraisal is more complicated than efficiency appraisal.

3. Potential performance

An individual’s potential addresses the ability to pick up new skills required in the future so that he/she knows another job or carry out a job of higher responsibility through training or self-training.

Potential appraisal does not mean appraising capacity, but appraising potential for learning new skills in association with perception and personality structure.

In addition, potential must be appraised in relation to working motive because one without learning and working motive cannot develop any skill.

4. Employee working motive appraisal

Working motive appraisal refers to appraising employee’s involvement in organization’s work and activities. It is important to not confuse between involvement and result, because motive itself cannot guarantee good results.

Motive is necessary but not sufficient condition for an individual to produce high efficiency in work. Involvement appraisal is relatively simple, easy to measure through daily work. However, it is not the case for motive. The origin of working motive (or lack of motive) is difficult to measure because this is a highly personal aspect.

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