Performance appraisal interview


Interview methods for appraising job performance

Interview to evaluate job performance is to study, detect and adjust errors in job performance of employees or to maintain and improve the job performance skills of employees.

There are three forms of interview base on three different targets.

1. Satisfaction – promotion.

The job performance of the employee is satisfied, or meets the defined standard requirements; the employee will be able to make progress.

The purpose of the interview is to discuss with staff on career planning and the special action plan to improve the educational level, professional knowledge and to make them capable to perform better the jobs, positions and requirements.

2. Satisfaction – no promotion:

To maintain and improve the work skills of employees.

This interview forms apply to the employees who have successfully completed the tasks in their current position, but they have no opportunities for promotion because of the following reasons:

- Staff has reached the highest point in the competitions

- There are no positions available.

- Due to limit of the education level and training.

- Employees themselves have no wish to promote

Because the job performance of employees satisfied the standard requirements so the interviewer have to take appropriate measures to encourage them to continue to maintain and improve the job skills through the appropriate form of praise.

3. Unsatisfactory – regulation:

This kind of interview applies to employees who do not meet standards of job performance. There are two way to deal with:

- Require employees to adjust and repair errors in their job performance.

- Employees who are not able to adjust their activities and not able to achieve the standard requirements, should transfer them to perform other works, or it’s the easiest to let them stop work.

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